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Default The T6+AN revised


James, I remember your remark from several years ago that there was a newsreel clip of another snake Stuka, and I replied that I was working on the plane. It is the T6+AN, which I've revised as well. It, too, now has the properly marked dive brakes and stationary propeller hub. More importantly, I've added the plane's identification and unit code to the wheel spats. Its template can be found here.

Another shot of T6+AN, this time imagined over Malta in September 1941.

And Keith, you've commented on RLM colors and the impossibility of truly knowing how they would have appeared originally. I actually wrote an essay on this rather vexing topic, which can be read here.

Finally, in working on T6+AN, it occurred to me that the template for T6+DP could be improved a bit more, if only by a few pixels. With apologies, then, for yet another revision. Here is the final incarnation of that plane--unless I eventually can get the colored portion of the propeller hub to stop wobbling in flight!

And that's it for snakes on a plane.

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