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Originally Posted by Goblin Wizard View Post
I think problems solved. After applying 1.12 patch, copy zip archive you'll find as attachment to the game directory and unzip. Choose "Yes to all".
If you encounter any other errors let me know.

What's wrong? Devs decoded all dialogs files to normal txt version but forgot to change FILETYPE header (DYNAMIC to STANDART). What it means? It means that final version of the patch wasn't tested even ONCE !!!
Unbelievable...Thanks for your help.


Since installing the fix I've noticed that there are a LOT of missing dialog strings (everything from the common pirate demands to mission descriptions (particularly after saving Terrie)). Attached, you'll find a savegame right before issues start showing up. Go through the portal to X-23 and try moving the Mothership to a portal or station.
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