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Default Here's a dirty tip ... -Endless Mana

I'm Mage LvL 16 in mid game Dwarven lands on impossible, doing battles that usually take me half an hour and on the rare occasion up to an hour and a half because of this 'dirty' strat ...

I now finish every battle with no losses + full mana + full rage and best of all: I just proved to myself that I can go into a battle with 1 single Shaman, stowing the other 29 in my Reserve slot + my regular army, and I come out of the fight with +29 brand new Shamans, while not even having the Resurrection spell - using a virtually endless source of Mana...

Since I saw people doing similar things but never writing they do "endless Mana" on any fight I thought I should share...

1. A huge no retaliation enemy stack or any plain slow moving stack for regular fights - Alchemists or Royal Snakes for "endless mana".
2. A full Stack of Royal Thorns.
3. Mana Spring Level 3.
4. A never upgraded Poison Rain Rage-spell.
5. A full Stack of Inquisitors.
6. The Sacrifice Spell.

Mix the 6 ingredients together and you get the following:
*For the best effect you box in an enemy stack using 4 strong stacks of Thorns.
*Replace all thorns that die with new ones, but don't crowd the battle area or you will be waiting a LONG time for each turn to end...
*Cast Mana Spring 4 times - once on each thorn stack.
*Cast each Mana Spring AFTER the thorns have moved but before the turn ends. (simply click "Done" until the last turn of the Royal Thorns - this will assure best results).
*After you cast the last one, end the turn and ask Sleem to cast Poison Rain.
*This will generate 3 + 4 + 5 + 5 = 17 * 5 = 85 Mana when done right.
*Watch +20 MANA twice, than +10 MANA a couple or more times and... you get the idea.
*Use Inquisitors to regain full Rage for the next battle + resurrect any and all units - especially the units you Sacrifice...

Since the Alchemists have very good Poison resistance + high hit points + no retaliation + the Poison rain does so little damage (about 15 points per turn), and when they have a big enough stack they can withstand 150+ turns of this "abuse", giving you plenty of time to regenerate your losses and effortlessly gain new troops at 0 cost - except the most precious one of all: your time.


This thread should be moved to the 'Tips and Hints' sub-forum.
Thanks in advance.

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