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New version up at:


The version 1.3.2 of the Self Inflicted Dynamic Campaign which is currently available for download contains the following changes:

  • The resurrection bug has been cured, the human pilot will now be dead if killed in the cockpit;
  • A bug having to do with assigning the position of the human pilot in an air group has been fixed, which means that no more empty briefing screens will appear;
  • Bug having to do with air groups not being recreated after they have been totally attrited has been fixed. When there are enough units produced in the factories, all air groups which have been attrited will be recreated;
  • Mission generator has been tweaked to produce more entertaining missions, especially for jabo pilots;
  • Code which generates weather has been tweaked to yield more days with medium clouds;
  • After planes have landed at a friendly base, after a certain while, the destructor is called for such planes. As a consequence, planes that have landed are removed from the rosters in their units. This was colloquially styled the mass suicide bug and caused unrealistically high attrition rates. This was treated by preventing the removal of planes that have landed from the rosters after their destructors have been called. This also means that planes that have landed at friendly bases can be strafed or bombed, but that they will not be counted as destroyed. Shortly put: no vulching;
  • Introduced a check whether a campaign is being used with IL- 2: Cliffs of Dover- Blitz or a different version of the simulator. With Blitz on the English Channel map, maps will be rotated according to season.
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