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Lightbulb This is an update

I think I have found the "real" culprit: Star-force.

Local distributor support said the game doesn't require a CD-Key on Windows XP. So why is Star-force asking for CD-Key on Windows Vista?

I went to star-force website, download the latest driver, install, and problem solved.

But is the real 'culprit' Starforce?

Granted, it never says on the manual that the game actually support Vista, but Facts remained:

- I haven't received any support from 1C support (sic)
- The starforce driver packaged with the game is not updated thus resulting in the frustration of one vista user such as me.
- Decision to use the infamous star-force is made by 1C.
- Even local support wasn't of much help, although confirming that the game doesn't require CD key in XP allows me to look for other solutions.

But none of that matter now. I have 24 hours left for my break before a busy week, and it's time to enjoy some fantasy war and leave the real-life stuff behind for a while.

Just hope it will help some other poor souls who encountered the same problem.
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