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Firstly, congrats Good to know that 1c is making a bigger name for themselves. Hopefully this means you'll have a larger budget and can continue with the great series that currently exst.

However, while i can see that this will be a very good step for 1c - I can also see why some people might be a bit worried about the future.

I'm not concerned that we won't see anymore PC games, what worries me is that (like most companies who make games for multiple platforms) the games will probably be released simultaneously on both platforms.
As we all know, this usually leads to games being "dumbed down" or having features removed so that they can fit everything required on the smaller # of available buttons.

Like Baxter, i would like to know if we'll still see PC exclusive titles?
If not, would there atleast be noticeable changes between PC/Xbox versions of games? Graphics, gameplay etc..

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