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Originally Posted by ru_maniac View Post
I told you so, good news are on the way
Yes you did! Great news for you guys as well.

The features list provided so far does not seem to capture everything from Revolutions based on the descriptions of Revolutions I have found online which are as follows:

"Revolution" adds:
• unique scripted situations, which make game more interesting and deep (read below).
• additional equipment with unique characteristics.
• 42 new micromodules, some of which canonly be installed on dominators' equipment.
• text quests and planetary maps (43) and arcade fights (5).

Scripted situations:
• there will be a possibility of election. Very interesting situation, but it's better to see and participate once, than to read hundred enthusiastic responses.
• destroying of military base by pirates. Arrival of fleet of military fighters to protect MB is mandatory.
• player gets the opportunity to participate in experiments on science base "Annihilation".
• computer rangers generate artifact once in 1-3 years.
• destruction of the annoying creditor by the name of business center by the ranger-debtor with the quark bombs.
• talks of computer dealers about purchase of drugs, and, actually, purchase and sale of the dangerous goods.
• and another heap of cheerful and original jobs, adventures and innovations which impatiently wait you in addon.

Since Sneaksie mentioned that Revolutions will be incorporated, I would assume that these features will be announced later?

In any case, all the best!
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