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Originally Posted by jake21 View Post
I kind of sucked at the rts; but hopefully there will be 1000's of text puzzles instead of only a few as in the previous game (I know this is not realisitc but i liked that aspect and sapce combat a bit better than the rts).
The secret is that the option to personally command one of the robots is not an option. You have too if you expect to win most of those scenarios. But you have to figure out where you're the most effective, and work that into the rest of the strategy. For example, I found I'm best in one on one attacking enemies from range where either they can't catch up to me before I can destroy them as I'm backing away or I draw them into an ambush before they're ready for it. A lot of times, controlling one personally, you can be a lone scout who takes lightly guarded resource points because while the AI is too stupid to maintain range while attacking, you aren't. And you can do this while the rest of your group is doing whatever you told them too. It is essential that you be capable of switching in and out of a robot quickly because sometimes you only have seconds to do what you need to do in that robot before you need to pay attention to something on the other side of the map. A lot of times it becomes a one step back two steps forward kind of thing. Sometimes you just have to regroup, and you controlling that robot is literally the only thing that keeps the enemy robots from getting critical resource points before you're built up enough to fight back take them, and defend them.

Oh, and BTW, the RTS element was a very nice addition. In fact, they were amongst my favorite missions. It was all those text missions and delivery missions that annoyed me the most. I hated running from system to system and back again just to get paid pennies. I mean those missions take up a lot of time you need to defend a system, and there are just so many of them it's just absurd. I'm telling you, at one point it was like 90% of all the missions were delivery missions that had me running all over timbuktu. And you have to do them because the likelihood you'll get another mission anytime soon isn't. You can spend half an hour or more looking at every planet you come across through 3 or 4 different systems, and never get a single mission, not even a delivery one. And if the Dominators have taken all but 3 or 4 systems, you're pretty much relying on trade because you're not getting a mission but maybe once every so often.

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