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Originally Posted by JamesB View Post
Any plans to make this Space Rangers challenging, like Space Rangers 1? I felt you were trying to target a more mass audience with Space Rangers 2 by making it much easier.
You obviously haven't played Space Rangers 2 with everything on it's hardest difficulty have you? It's nearly impossible to beat. In fact, I haven't been able to yet, and I didn't even have it all the way. The Dominators inevitably take over too many sectors, leaving you with only 1 or 2 systems to defend. Then it gets a little easier to maintain defenses, but research is so slow, and often the Dominators manage to take out critical stations, and Dominators seem to always be too far ahead that you can't even escape when you need to run away.

However, I will admit this little annoyance, if you can last long enough defending at least that one last system, eventually, for some reason, near the end of the tech tree, but not quite the end, the coalition forces start to slowly gain the upper hand and gain systems back periodically until they reach a point where you're pretty much not even needed anymore because the coalition is winning at least a tenth of the systems they attempt to take back and no longer losing more than a couple every so often. At that point you might as well just do whatever because anything you do against the Dominators will only expedite the inevitable victory of the coalition and end your game. In fact, if you wait long enough, you aren't even needed to take down the final bosses. Eventually the coalition will happen to take each one down.
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