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well i dont think that no one will make exulsve pc games in the future. Years ago when ps1 was released they said that pc gaming will die. They say the same thging, again after the release of ps2, and even after the release of next gen consoles Pc are more powerful than consoles , this means that game developers can create better games on pc tha consoles. Take Crysis for example... Have you see game with such great graphics on consoles???? The answer is no because consoles are not powerful enough to run it. Who is Roy Taylor? Anyway i have some good news for all of us PC gamers here. I did a quick search on the interent to find more exculsive pc games! I found 5 more pc exculsive games that are under development by another russian company buka.This company is continue to support pc, and these 5 games are looking realy good! The titles of the games are, Collapse, dusk12 the swarm, the hunt, sledghammer. I realy hope that 1c will continue to support pc with pc exculsive games!