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Roy Taylor is the VP of Nvidia.

I'm not saying pc gaming will die and I don't want it to die,but what he refers and what most ppl think is that big publishers and devs don't make pc exclusive games anymore and neither 1 console exclusive either,unless they are paid for that by the console manufacturer.
Smaller devs and publishers develop pc exclusive games because they don't have to pay for royalties,not having to buy a devkit and there is not such a "quality" control as in the console sector(among other things of course).

Buka(I loved pathologic and I can't wait for TENSION by the same dev) as well as russobit are more low budget publishers that tend to have some good games. Akella also tends to have some good games like Hard to be a god(faulty,but still good),Evil Days of Luckless John and Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales to name a few.

If you want a list of pc games of 2008,then look no further:

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