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I'm against 1C Maddox increasing their profits through digital distribution, and for protecting their intellectual properties. I really hate any changes, and I don't understand this Steam at all. I am now going to give some anecdotal evidence that is extremely vague to back up my argument.

It honestly sounds like many of you never really gave Steam a shot. There are a number of threads on the first page of this forum. Read through them ask questions. Many of us it seems do use Steam, and have shown through out those threads that we are also knowledgeable about the service. There have been links showing that 1C Publishing really likes the service.

In the beginning when Steam was first introduced I really didn't like that concept of it, but it was easy enough to create an account and log it in. Literally logging in is either automatic at start up, you can choose to have to type your password in every time, or you can just set it to start in offline mode at start, or for it to not auto start at all. Please before you go boycotting this game that you've been looking forward to dare to ask those of us that are knowledgeable about the service questions.

If you've had trouble with it in the past be specific about what that trouble was. No one can help you out when you are extremely vague about the source of your woes.
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