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Default Lots of questions from a newbie!

I just started playing this game recently and have some questions:

1. How long does it take for the shops to restock? How do you tell the time in the game?

2. Any hints on decreasing load times when entering new areas? What does "bloom" in the options do? I am running at 1280x720 resolution. Should I set it to 1024x768, or does the game factor this in automatically?

3. Do plants regenerate, and if so, how long does it take?

4. Can someone please provide a list of known magic portals to make sure I don't miss any? I found the one in Morislavl, but that is it.

5. How do you use a character's blacksmith skill to repair your armour? (I don't have blacksmithing skill yet.) My main use of the blacksmith skill would be to enhance my own weapons/armour rather than paying high rates for it. Using a wetstone apparently requires no skill, but it doesn't repair armour.

6. I don't have healing skill for my main character and have an amulet that gives +1 healing. It keeps unequipping itself. Is this a bug?

7. The item requirements for armour and weapons are quite high for me right now. I know that you can get +5 strength potions, but they are expensive. But can you get stamina potions? I guess I could rely on equipment and levels to boost stamina.

8. Can you get other scrolls to increase skills other than blacksmithing and healing? I am wondering if I should put points in blacksmithing or wait for scrolls. Or I could use the scrolls to help help the villages.

9. Can towns I don't own be destroyed/taken over? How long do I have before towns, especially ones I own, are attacked, and will it give me a message saying so?

10. I have low intelligence and no party members yet. Can my party members get the trade skill to get better deals on equipment than I can?

11. Your health is listed as a percentage. Does this mean that you have the same amount of health throughout the game, or does it increase with level? For example, 100% of 200 health is less than 100% of 300 health.

12. I don't really understand the difference between armour and defense.

13. I read in the manual that some armour "puts restrictions on agility index". Does this mean that I need high agility to use better armours later in the game, or can I leave it at 12, which is what I started with?

14. How long will I have to wait for someone with high intelligence to join my party so that I can put up healing and alchemy?

Sorry for so many questions.

Thanks for reading.

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