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Exclamation 5 installs for digital versions ????????

hello, first of all , allow me to explain the situation. I'm an admin on another board and that means that I have the power to approve or deny posts. Anyway, on one of my boards I ran into a post where the user complained about posting here. He was allegedly banned and his post moved for stating imformation that he felt should have been made open to the public about this game , speciffically , the DRM scheme that the digital version employs . After viewing the imformation I am forced to aggree that this kind of DRM in the digital versions is simply totally unacceptable and there is no excuse for it.
Now before I approve his post on my forum I just have to ask
what were you people thinking ?
5 installs ?????
This is soooooo sporelike and you cant blame it on the company that made it because you own them. I have mailback enabled if a rep from your company wishes to respond.