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Please make the single player missions like Men of War 1 , the singleplayer missions from men of war assault squad were so boring and awful in comparison.

I don't remember experiencing so well design missions with some historical background and setting in MoW.
I remember them all very well which in contrast with other RTS games I do not, I loved the last German mission it was so complex and stressful with so many odds, or the soviet 2nd mission where you hand to hold out a massive axis attack until the train was loaded, or the soviet special force mission where you had to blow up enemy tanks, or the USA jeep mission where you fought all in 3rd person view, or the german bonus mission where you had to free you captured forces and recapture a jagdtiger and repair it's tracks or the god damn difficult first german mission in Crete.

The only things in MoW that need improvement are:
- player AI
- enemy Ai
- action time of animation especially when switching weapons to attack.
- singleplayer voice actors
- helmets falling too often
- medic does not automatically heal down soldiers near him
- soldiers don't look for ammunition when they have none automatically or no warning exist when a soldier is running out of ammo.
(an ability like blitzkrieg of using a supply truck clicking in an ability and the truck crew would rearm all units around them would be very very helpful)
- excessive micro management buttons should exist like to tell a unit to pick up anti tank weapon, smg, rifle etc.. an ability to choose between picking from boxes, only allies or enemies too.
- Air support does not play a factor in this game and you can't really zoom out so you could appreciate them.

But I would be happy just with the same depth and type of level designs in the first MoW and an ability for allied troops to rearm automatically.
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