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I had this problem on initial install of IL2 CLOD on a new computer.

Suggestions for solutions I've seen:

1. Go into the "redist" subfolder and reinstall all the various components CLOD needs (.net, directx, visual c, etc)

2. Make sure your anti-virus is disabled for files in the CLOD folder

I think these are suggesting, at least, the direction of the problem. Either some needed library, dll file, etc is not installed properly OR something (like an antivirus) is preventing it from loading.

In my case, the solution was slightly different but related. I had just jumped in and run launcher.exe directly from the install folder because that is how I usually run it once it is installed and running correctly. (First launch Steam, log in, then double click the launcher.exe directly in the install directory.)

However, this didn't work on first-time installation because steam automatically does some fancy install procedures. So when I started Steam & ran CLOD from within steam, the first thing it did was run through the various install procedures and after that everything worked just fin.

So I add solution #3:

3. Run CLOD from within Steam, at least the first time around, so that all needed libraries etc are automatically installed.
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