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Hey Sirlancelot

What i´ve changed:
1) Values from ALL creatures

Example(Before the Backslash you see the original value, behind the new):

Cost=920/24000 Leadership=260/1750 Attack=25/37 Defense=35/32 Hitpoint=120/650
Attack damage poison=10,25/49 physical
Throw-damage physical=100 distance=6 mindist=2 penalty=0.15
7in1=0.4 friendly_fire=0 device=poisoncloud
Resistances Poison=25/15 Magic=0/60 Physical=0/-30 Fire=0/30
Acid Spray removed
Disease (Moral -1)
+50% Damage against Creature with a Fire Resistance over 24(Basic Value)
+50% Damage against Creature with a Poison Resistance over 24(Basic Value)
+50% Damage against Creature with a Magic Resistance over 39(Basic Value)
Magic Immunity
Plague moves=2 Level=3
require Diplomacy 3
Potion of Posion removed
Fire Water removed
Holy Water removed

Then it gives summoned creatures
Those are not new creatures, it gives now some old creatures double.
They have also the same picture, but they are much more lighter so that you can good see the different between summoned and not summened.

All summoned creatures can not be healed!
All them have Magic Immunity and other Boni
All values from summoned creatures are doubled

Boss-Monster make tripled damage

2) Values from ALL Arenea-Towers
They have now better spells and make much more damage!!

3) Values from ALL other things like totems, statues, coffins, altars, crosses and so on

4) Values from ALL wifes
Women can not be equipped, because they have high Boni and there kids also!!

5) Values from ALL spells
All spells make much more damage
i gave the intellect MUCH more sense. A spell make now only great damage with a higher intelligence!
Why? i not like that a fighter cast spells likewise a mage!!
It gives no disadvantage to play a fighter, because he get other Boni
The disadvantage is now, it is not so easy to play a mage, because it need time before he can make good damage

ALL spells it give double.
One Version for the player and one version for the KI player
The spells from KI player are all Level 3 spells. So when you fight against a KI hero at begin, you will die fast.

6) Values from ALL items
All items have now much more better Boni
They have no effects to morale and they no more impair it
It gives great Boni for a Set-Item

7) Values from ALL morale
8 ) Values from ALL rage ghosts
9) hiring creatures from much towns are changed, also the spells, and items which you can buy there

10) the font is now much greater and really better to read

11) you can use a new Skill-Tree
There you can get ALL skill from begin if you have the needed crystals.
And when you mean the fame is not hard enough, you can get there skills which make the enemy more powerful

12) The Mod has the "Shop-Mod" and "Rune-exchanger" Mod included. This are NOT my Mods.
It gives 2 hints at the begin of the game where you can find and buy them.
Both Mods i have change so that they make sense with my Mod
This Items have now Boni, which you gain, when you put this Items in a Slot.

Install instructions:
1) Unpack the rar file and put the folder "Creatures", "Files" and "Shop and Runen" in Kings Bounty\data\mod
2) When you want play with the new Skill-Tree then put all the Files from "neuer Skill-Tree" in data\Mod\Files
3) When you mean, the enemy makes not enough damage with his Spells, so you can use the Files from the Folder "Zauber doppelter Schaden Gegner" (put all this Files in data\Mod\Files). And then the enemy Spells make double damage

This Mod is NOT compatible with ALL other Mods!!!
Be sure, you not need other Mods

Regards, Marlow

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