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Originally Posted by Ancient Seraph View Post
Thanks for even more descriptions mattd! I didn't use the 162 though, since it doesn't fit with this guide. The more I'm adding planes, the more this guide turns into a 'how-to' guide. In the descriptions there's usually a reference like: it's good in T&B, but no detailed description of it's best use. I'd like to see a description of the 162 more in the lines of: low rate of turn, although the best among jets, fast, blabla armament, etc., and then coat it with a flowing text.
No offense, it's just how I'd like this guide to be. It's tough to have this topic maintain it's style when editing others' descriptions, but I'd still like to have it so.
haha no offense taken. It's not like it takes me hours to type these things up, and the guide looks great so I've got no problems with however you want to run it.

EDIT: If I have any more of these things, I'll PM them to you as not to clutter the thread. But I honestly think I may have gotten to the bottom of the barrel on planes I know strategies for. I guess I'll have to learn something from the guide too.

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