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Ohhhhh F*** ME SIDEWAYS!!!! Why did I read this? I already had a bad day at work and now THIS!!!! F*** THIS!! I was hoping that Nuclear Union will be a huge hit - as long as it will come out before Fallout 4, this game had such a huge potential! They would have raised a few millions on Kickstarter easily! Now I'm really sad and even a bottle of whiskey won't cheer me up. Another potentially great game that will not be released, just like Chaos Chronicles that had a great premise... No offence but 1C should step up and do something about this project - you guys are loosing money and loosing market share in this very competitive industry. There are so many lame "console games", adventure games, indie puzzles, boring RPGs and so on, but no other game is going to be "Russian Fallout" like Nuclear Union - I was so excited about this one...
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