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Originally Posted by Yana View Post
I don't understand how you guys do it without any loss. I struggle to beat him with horrendous losses and in such a large amount of time that I then cannot generate rage or mana enough to resurrect.

So, here I am:
Difficulty: Normal
Level 50 Mage
Leadership: 20,450
Att: 11
Def: 9
Int: 48
Rage: 73
Mana: 110

I am using the following units, all of which are the maximum amounts my leadership will allow:
127 Knights (NOTE: In order to get any knight stack at all, I had to sacrifice thousands of Dwarvern miners because in all the islands, I only found 14 for sale normally *sigh*)
92 Paladins
113 Horsemen
97 Demonologists

To help with comparisons, here are the stats for my Knights, after Haste (level 3 +1 power for boots) and after Stoneskin (level 3)
Att: 41
Def: 58 ---> Physical:78% Poison:8% Magic:8% Fire38%
Movement: 6
Crit: 22%
Damage: 16-18
Health: 180
Morale: Positive

In the video posted by the first poster, it looks like the damage per unit is over 10,000... But my stack of knights (before being decimated by enemy forces) only seems to cause around 900-1000 damage.

Please help because I'm really losing my patience with the game
In that video I have wanderscroll +20% leadership and all the another wanderscrolls... attack +10 ... defense +10 etc... I have over 200 paladins ( I have inquisitor blade ) and its much people in another army too.. so when swordman do critical hit thats be much damage.

You can beat Ktahu on better ways... why I upload the video was for I beat him quickly and my first movie

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