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Default SoW: Battle for Moscow and other Igromir news

I couldn’t face ploughing beyond the 63rd page of DRM/publisher arguments so I started a new thread with some pretty pictures

Notice anything interesting in this snap? Welcome to the Battle for Moscow peeps (presumably No3 in the SoW series) Битва за Москву

The big top going up at Igromir...

1C dwarfed by Xbox 360

Well so much for the behind-closed-doors, embargoed industry-only sneak peak. Looks pretty open to me!

Hello Luthier

Judging by the response though, the overall experience seems to fall short of thrilling. Dare I say it’s wasted on kids clearly of the PlayStation persuasion?

Back to the game – it appears aircraft location arrows can now be implemented in full cockpit view. Hopefully (presumably!) you can switch this off server-end.

Luither’s presentation:

And what’s this? A carrier? Looks like someone mixed up their PowerPoint files with an old Pacific Fighters presentation

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