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There are tons of threads in this forum already about fighting K'Tahu, Gremlion ("creepy elf guy"), and the final boss.

Basically, for KTahu you want all the physical resistance you can want, you want Distortion level 3 (I really hope you have that already) for mass-haste and high-level stoneskin, and tactics level 2 doesn't hurt if you've got it. Units who start with some physical resistance are great here. You'll probably want 2 units to be focusing on K'Tahu just about all the time, with your other 3 helping mop up units he summons when necessary. Above all, be sure to kill Gorguanas right away.

For Gremlion, you want magic resistance. The general approach is either (if you can get 90-95% magic resistance for all your units) a ranged strategy, where you never actually close to melee range, so his only choices are place a tower or use mass-magic. If he does the former, you just kill it; if he does the latter, it won't hurt too badly because of your magic resistance. If you can't get your magic resistance that high, two high physical-resist units (e.g., knights and paladins) on each side of him to "persuade" him to do melee attacks, and three units for ranged attacks and killing towers is a better mix.

Glance around the forum; maybe do a search. I guarantee you that you'll find plenty of advice.
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