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Originally Posted by smikkel View Post
I 've got a level 52 palladin on easy level and can't even get a dent in this monster before being utterly destroyed.
Army consists of 11 black dragons, 13 red dragons, 280 inquisitors, 10 tirex and 14 archdemons. I tried also with palladins instead of archdemons, but there are only 36 left on Teeana, so they 're quickly eliminated.
I 'm wielding the singing dagger.
Why does K'tahu not summon armies on the video in post 1 ? On the second turn I get a bunch of brontors and tirexes around my troops (disabling missile attacks from the inquisitors) and on round 5 or 6, additional lizard men shamans, brontors and those pterodactyl beasts. Game over.
never, i repeat, NEVER use level 5 units in boss fights or you will be murdered. If your playing on easy then you should be able to beat k'thau with relative ease with many different strategies. As the video in this post showed, use a human army. almost everyone in the army has good physical resistance for starters. Second, knights and paladins will stay alive much longer than any other unit. If im not mistaken, the priestess found on the long bridge between montero and verona should have a lot of paladins. If you do choose this strategy, this is what you should probably do

1. focus all attacks on K'tahuu. dont kill all the monsters because that will only cause him to respawn them and there will be even more.

2. Since all damage is physical, try to find some item for physical damage resistance. I dont remeber the names but there are a pair of boots and some armor that give you physical resistance. Equip them over any other type of item you have in that slot. Trust me, you will need the resistance.

3. Always have stone skin cast on one or more of your units. Knights and paladins have a physical resistance of about 30. Add 10-35 for the items you find, then add another 40 from stone skin as well as a huge defense bonus to end up recieving only around 300 or less damage from one of his attacks.

4. If you do get paladins, the spell phantom should be cast on them about every other turn. This will make another stack of paladins that not only have the ability to give one of your units another turn, but also to heal your fallen units. i have beaten K'tahuu, baal, and gremelion on impossible with no losses, and i did it with ease using just a single stack of paladins because they are so useful.

5. K'tahuu has a weak spot. If your looking right at him, its the second hex to the very left. If you attack there, you will not get hurt. Keep in mind that any units standing to the right of that spot by him will though.

6. Also, make sure you get that talent in the might tree that allows you to gain attack each time you kill and enemy. My paladins ended up having an attack of around 230 by the time i killed baal and k'tahuu.

if you follow this then you should be able to beat him really easially. Also, if you use the human army, dont use bowmen, priest, inquisitors, or archmages since they tend to die before they have a chance to do anything useful.
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