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Originally Posted by Azimech View Post
My guess is that wading through 182 pages in the other topic is quite enough. Let's start fresh.

I have a few ideas:

*Possibility for creating a personalized trim setting, for the few who feel their favourite plane has the wrong setting. I would keep it simple: a small pointer at a folder with files for the appropriate a/c which can be edited by hand. No file or folder? Standard 4.10 setting. This way people will just shut up, and do it themselves.

*Probably recycled lots of times but maybe there could be an option for people wanting to install their own sounds, but with the disclaimer that there will be no support from TD for any modification by any user, and not a single sound will be provided. This way it's the user's own responsibility if he fracks up his game and the whole 10 year old discussion will finally end, and no-one will have to pay for anything. Again, a pointer at a folder with subfolders/files, no modification of the original sound engine of any kind. No folders or files found? Then Original sound. A bit like custom skins.
"Slow frame rate? Strange antenna growing out of your head(s)? Your cannons sounding like Star Trek phasers? Try the Original sounds. Problem solved? Tough luck partner, you're on your own."

*I'd like a japanese and american generic carrier especially for online play, where the deck doesn't get damaged due to torpedo strikes. Right now landing or taking off is impossible with those holes, but the whole thing still floats and is useless. Probably the deletion of a few lines of data?
+1 All the way...