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1) 6DOF
2) 4 engine heavies
3) Canon's map
4) A way of annotating the ingame map, both in the briefing room and the knee board. Maybe a couple of movable stock icons and the ability to draw a route between them?
5) The ability to browse the full file system from the FMB's file browser and a "favourites" list
6) "AI only" as a switch on individual planes, not just whole flights
7) FMB object viewer and file browser to remember their last size and position.
alphabetical plane listings
9) change the "edit description" dialogue box in FMB to "Both"; "Red" and "Blue"
10) Update the dynamic mission generator to include the new planes or make a proper plug in for DCG
11) A better way of seeing what's been deployed on an FMB map. Maybe a drop down list under the "View" menu. Trying to find the one remaining waypoint you forgot to delete which stops you from assigning flight 1, sdn 2 can be.....time consuming.
12) Brighter lights
13) Free kittens.
14) in 1920 resolution, at least, the "tab" dialogue list in flight overlays the text buffer, making the upper two options illegible.
15) Update the video card list in IL-2 setup.
16) Seperate keys for gear up/gear down
17) Leave the rear view mirror graphic in place regardless of wether the lens is active or not.
1 Documentation on RCU file commands would be great!
19) A "Start" or "runways closed/open" switch for hosts.
1 More countries online. Unused countries can act as radar/ATC
19) smaller font icons
20) More options for exterior view (wheels down, or in chute only?)
21) same icon settings online and offline
22) Record a track on each flight by default, make a "save track?" dialogue box at flight exit, delete if not saved. Or an option to do this.
23) More icon types. Just a dot would be nice, size (font?) and colour configurable.
24) audio event for full open/closed radiators; or a more configurable HUD
25) A sign post "Runway This Way" for Spits v 109's mission builders.

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