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Some requests (some reasonable, some pie in the sky )

1) More pacific theater content
2) 3d and/or cockpit improvements for some aircraft (Mig 3 {this is particularly horrid looking}, Yaks, Il2, P-47, P-40 come to mind) and a fix for the spitfire vc cockpit, dunno why but this bugs me
3) AI improvements (this is a topic unto itself)
4) It would be nice to incorporate some more new maps, if they are available by, er... lets say "third party" members. The Salomons map is gorgeous, and finally has realistic looking jungles and airstrips, and usable mission distances (i.e possible to fly longish bomber missions), I'm kicking myself because I started making a Guadalcanal campaign just prior to 4.10 release on the old map. I don't know if the restrictions still apply for "Channel maps" and accurate "MTO" maps, but we have so many new Italian and British fighters now it would be nice.
5) British heavy bombers, just AI is fine for me because I know what an undertaking making a flyable bomber is. But because I think we can now say that Il2 is not just a Eastern Front or Pacific sim, there is a huge gap here.
6) okay this is a small thing, but flames shooting from guns during the daytime has always been so cartoony in Il2, I know DT modified the effects for 4.10 but Its not enough, when shooting a heavy gun in daylight you would see a tongue of gunsmoke and not much else, The Hs 129 has nice gunsmoke, but too much flame. Night of course is different.
7) More work on night fighters/electronic warfare, not sure if the G-4 is still an ongoing project, but with real Airborne Intercept radar, the Mosquito and others would only need to be modified (albeit more than a bit), this is a whole other aspect to Il2 that could be explored.
An object in the FMB that is a preset group of runway lights ready for use, it is very time consuming after each new map to make a new set of runway lights. Once the first is done you can copy and paste, but it would be nice to have a predefined set.
9)TRIGGERS, this is essential for mission building IMHO, if DCG ever becomes and official part of Il2, or if MDS keeps growing, having triggers will add to the immersion.
10)....which brings me to my final point... can we ditch DGEN and use DCG? DGEN is such a dead program.

One more thing, I was wondering if any of the "restrictions" on IL2 could be reconsidered, because they are really holding back certain parts of it. The map restrictions I would like to see gone (honestly, I don't think CoD sales will suffer with an Il2 channel map, its just too different). The NG restrictions are another, is the pacific theater stillborn here, or is there a plan for the future? Is there a restriction on Chinese aircraft/maps? I think some of these have to be reconsidered because Il2 is 10 years old, has a smallish user base, has just been superceded by CoD, and TD is working on a not-for profit basis.

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