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Default Why did you mess up the lighting ?


This was one of the two best things in the game. I loved the natural colors of the sunset and sun rise.

Why did you throw that pink all over everything? I just don't understand.
Twh things in this game were perfect. The cockpits and the sun set colors.
Was it because of the complains about the landscape colors? If so, why didn't you adjust the colors of those landscape textures instead of throwing a bucket of pink over everything?

It looks so bloody cheap. Like some cheap console game that just paints the sky pink and calls it sunset.
It was perfect. Why ruin something perfect?
Fix the textures of the landscape don't ruin one of the very few excelent features of the game.

This is pissing me off.
I finally got all the parts in and put my computer togheter and when I install the game, for the first time after the new "fix", what do I find? A messy pink hue over everything that totally ruined the beautiful natural orange sunsets. This is very poor job guys.

I like this game, but looks like you are just trying to kill all the interest people have in it.
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