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Originally Posted by Warhound View Post

Followup post by Notch elaborating exactly why he believes it's pure marketing talk by guys looking for nice fat cheques. Certainly nothing you'll see in games anytime soon.
Fixed for ya.

Like I said there are tons of games out there that use this or similar technology already.

* He was wrong about point clouds.

* He's riding the voxel train although this technology is freaking old and, like I pointed out, produced fabulous games already. and for example

* He assumes that the new engine would do EVERYTHING in point clouds, which is rubbish. It's like saying current gen engines do everything with polygons, which they don't.

* He talks about how they do false advertising - which they don't. Of course atom based rendering is kind of a new technology, or at least one that was revived against all odds, and of course many are researching it - it's still not what we currently have and thus it's new.

* He also says he's wrong in his own words:
* They seem to be doing some very impressive voxel rendering stuff, which could absolutely be used to make very interesting games, but it’s not as great as they claim it is.
Claims aside, and don't even get me started about his game, minecraft, which has one of the ugliest graphics engines PC gaming has seen in decades, they WILL have to prove to the industry that their engine IS capable. They're not a game studio like his - they're just a tech company. I doubt they'll EVER develop a game.

* Furthermore he goes on about hardware - well, yes, hardware. Everyone knows that computer games are being developed with the FUTURE in mind. So if these guys come up with a reasonable product within the next 3 years then it might take 8 years before we see first applications! That is a long long time and I would say we could definately see raytracing, point clouds and reborn voxel technology by then.

Just think about how the new Tech5 engine from ID revolutionizes the market and that just by "megatexturing" which was also thought to be impossible back in the days.

So yeah, stop being so pessimistic. We won't see it within a couple of years, that's for certain but I don't think it's a scam. And if it's funding fraud you're so worried about, talk to your government - they're experts on it on a MUCH larger scale.

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