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Not picking sides. The only side I pick is the one saying that this is not magic or a scam.
There are a number of engines in development that use new approaches to the old voxel technology or are going for atomic / point clouds. I couldn't care less which technology sees the light of the day first but it isn't a scam and most certainly not fake or a lie.

[EDIT]Since it's worded weird again: I'm not defending THIS company. In fact they way the present it is surprisingly arrogant and suspicious.
Couple things I find really questionable:
*The guy doesn't know what LOD is / means (not level of distance but level of detail)
*He messes up where tesselation was mentioned or rather what engines / games have it implemented. Even if he's doing a different tech he should know about such basic things that every gamer kid could tell you about.
*He messes up often when it comes to numbers - they're rarely precise - uncommon for an engineer.
*Weird presentation of the "team" at the end, even containing advertisement for a flower shop.
and other stuff. But I still hope that real investors would test it thouroughly anyways. If I were a big games company I'd go there and have them show me before putting millions on the table.
So there's suspicion and hope. [/EDIT]

Of course we won't see it tomorrow - not even with a billion dollar investment. Both hard and software need to grow a bit more. But saying "notch" said is just weird. Especially because "notch" has a few mistakes in his posts and also because "notch" needs to clean his own backyard first. Minecraft is surely a game in a questionable state but that's not this threads topic. :p

One thing is certain though. Newer games require such massive amounts of content that the classical polygon approach is simply impossible to maintain. For example modern shooters with destructible houses etc. - you simply can't afford those hordes of people crafting polygon models for all different kinds of destruction etc. anymore. Things need to go from "handmade" towards a more automatic approach through defined materials that respond naturally.

If we're lucky the next IL-2 in 10 years uses such technology. An engine that'd let us do ermegency landings in the sand of african deserts. We could see the wheels digging into the sand then being ripped off along with the gear, being left behind on the ground while the wings slice into it and cause a rain of dust, leaving some of it settling down on the bent fuselage. The canope opens with a cranky sound and wind blows sand onto the instrument panel...

I'd say let's hope they get things going quickly

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