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He's arrogant because he's playing down the arguments others have which are reasonable in some cases. This engine has definite limits and he isn't mentioning them at all - no, he's also lieing about them. Knowingly or unknowingly.

The most obvious argument however is that he says "infinite". Infinity is impossible, not even the universe itself is infinite. That's pure marketing talk and it IS either stupid or arrogant.

Notch isn't a known guy at all. He's just very well known with the kids since he is the guy who made Minecraft. An indie sandbox game that had a huge success in terms of sale and media attention. Like a virtual lego.
Ironically it has a lot of fundamental physics and logical issues too though. That's why I said he needs to clean his own backyard first.
Also the game was a crazy seller and then development stopped. It's literally much worse than Cliffs of Dover if you take a look at how much money was made.
Further, although the game is still alpha or beta (yes, it was sold as an alpha) they are working on a follow up game and the development for the original title is basically dead.

So overall I don't particulary like Notch. In many ways. But like there is truth to both sides there are also lies or false statements.

You said you'd like an engine like that but not as small as a postage stamp. Well, I imagine the first real uses we'll see will not simulate everything in perfect detail. Rather the technology will be use partially - for example for the areas you can use and also only partly with these.

But then again, the thought of an airplane crash landing in sand is pure awesomeness. ;-P

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