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Default 1C Team Questions and Requests (closed)


This theme is designed to gather your questions and requests. I will regularly review it, compile lists and send them to the project manager. Feedback on your wishes will most likely not. If something is implemented - we will notify in the readme for the new patch. We'll publish the answer to your question with a definite period.

Please don't write here about the bugs,errors, FM, DM, etc. in the game. I can not gather and process this data.

Recommended form for registration requests is as follows:

Type of improvement:
Explanation of proposals:

How to make a post?

Think, is whether the offer is reasonable and whether its implementation is possible in principle, and whether it is for other users.
Copy of the above highlighted text in new message window.
Describe your proposal.
If you want to add someone offer simply quote him and describe the addition of the form given above

Type of improvement might be:

Full editor
Quick Editor

Examples of submissions >>

The format used there should be adopted at these forums for the sake of continuity and ease of submitting information and requesting it.

Any posts not following the above format will be deleted to avoid clutter and help to stay focused.

You have a few days to prepare and get used to the submission/request format as used at Sukhoi so it becomes easy to communicate.

Many thanks.


I'm sure BlackSix will accommodate you all, but please remember His time is split between two forums and communities.
So please show some appreciation and respect with regard to the language barrier and time restrictions when he's replying to us here.


PPS: Please don't use this thread for general discussion of questions and proposals >>>>>

This link is for all discussion of posts made in this thread >>>


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