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Just wanted to say thanks Luthier for giving us CLoD, it's a real shame it isn't going any further, I absolutely love this game and the potential it had is huge. Despite not being finished it's still the best flight sim for online play, what we have on the ATAG server and with the SoW campaigns far outstrips anything I have experienced. You ruined other flight sims for me because they feel like arcade games by comparison !!! There is still a part of me that is hoping this is some temporary hickup and CLoD will live on, I was really looking forward to future expansions using the CLoD engine, to watch it evolve and grow into what we had with the old series, but with this more advanced engine. Even if this is it, which it looks like, I have still had more than my moneys worth playing CLoD and will continue to do so, thanks and goodluck.


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