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Thanks for all your work Luthier!

I have only one bone to pick with you (my main problem with the CloD series going under) is that it showed us the real potential of what flight sims could possibly be if they had the resources. It's amazing that you tried, but now us simmers are left with an amazing view of what could be (with CloD), contrasted with the bitter (in comparison) reality to what's financially and practically possible. Thank you for trying, my only quibble being, as Bounder said, you have potentially ruined all other flight sims set in this period for a long time to come just by showing what we're missing

In the meantime I'll continue to enjoy CloD, the only sim that I play regularly at the moment, with only the slight disapointment that I'll never get my Typhoon or Tempest to go and terrorise the pesky Luftwaffe and beat them at their own game.

I hope it won't be long before we hear from you again anyway!