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thanks for the reply, though in the meantime I finished the game.

since I did everything (except for the arena of truth fights 'for real' - I did them just to see what they are but then reloaded and didn't do them again in my real playthrough), I had more than enough crystals by the end, and I only got level 1 alchemy. I didn't even want to do that but I had so many magic runes, I said why not, but it was towards the end anyway.I don't really see the appeal, those magic runes could be spent elsewhere and if you know what spells you want to use, you don't need that many crystals anyway (especially if you pick up everything, and why wouldn't you?).

I also had just enough mind runes to unlock inquisition before the final fights, literally got the final mind rune before the bridge leading to the orc base, so I could replenish my inquisitors (there were only 20 in my game at the magic academy and a few hundred in haas' labyrinth but I didn't want to go back there).

there was a pain skull in the game but it was in the castle in the land of the dead, so it was pointless by then, I didn't even bother using it. I only got geyser about midway through and it proved to be great, even though fire rain did more damage. I was looking forward to lightning and ice snake but only go them in demonis I think and they didn't prove to be that useful.
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