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Default Request for 4.XX, new hotkeys

It would be nice to have a key to toggle HUD and another too toggle subtitles.

Conf.ini entries are too rigid, and if on a same game session I play an aircraft which doesn't require HUD at all (Corsair for example) and another one which requires it to check some commands position (P40 radiator position for example) it's nice to just use a hotkey, plus I don't know all cockpits by heart so i'd start with HUD on, check if I can see something moving in cockpit for the command I use, and if I see one toggle HUD off.

Same for subtitles, I understand English, French and Italian but I need them for other languages, I'd like to just switch them off when I don't need to read what's being said.

I think there was a requests thread but can't find it right now.

Thanks for reading, and maybe doing it for 4.14 ?
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