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Default New command.

In radio commands, in this section of «navigation» we need a new command – «take the combat course» (Can come up with another name). When this command is executed, for bots, who are subordinate to player, the checkpoint, which stands in front of the reference point for the purpose, shall be deemed passed and subordinate bots go to attack the designated purpose. This happens when the player give the command "return to base" to bots. This command is particularly relevant in difficulty mode when realistic navigation is on or markers on the map is off. It is clear that, if there is no certainty that the checkpoint in front of purpose is passed, you should give this command in the area of purpose.
There are many reasons for which the player can go to the purpose without going through the previous checkpoint, and a fortiori when it is not visible markers on the map or checkpoints.
Sorry for mistakes in English.
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