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Yes old old chap, I log into TWC most of time, but I dont post much usually read topics, and I like your style of writing.

Cant wait for RW2, I started playing XIII century just a month ago, and the thing I like about it that is more simulation, Total war series going more arcadish, and every total war title since M2TW I search for mod to slow it down.

The things I wish to see in RW series in future are as following:
  • Some enhanced animations such as infantry charges, finishing & running in fear.
  • Sound enhancements.
  • Smooth camera movements.
  • More variety in faction units, and unique units for each faction.
  • More epic music.
  • For siege fighting (so far we saw just little) I hope there will be more than just trebechunts and siege towers.
As Mitra stated many changes required money and manpower, but some essiential points there shouldnt be ignored, the core of the game we have now is better then TW series in many aspects, just few small changes and the game will target much more audience.

I wish this game will sell more, so we can have better RW in future.

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