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Kind of sad this will be their last game. I realize that most folks think there are big $$$ in multiplayer but like you it is not what I strive for (also I wonder if that market will saturate). Oh well I know this is speculation. Still hopefully we will see new full length campaigns with the editor.

Originally Posted by Zhuangzi View Post
Okay, I read that with Google Translate. No new information here, but they seemed pretty positive that Crossworlds was a worthwhile expansion - it seems to me (and I could be wrong) that this will be the last King's Bounty game. Other than multiplayer, which not everyone wants, it seems like Katauri have crammed just about everything into this release. And the Orcs of the Marsh campaign is starting to sound like it will different enough from Armored Princess to be worth playing through after all.

I think that Crossworlds will be great for hardcore players because we like to try new strategies and experiment with different conditions (no losses, quickest time etc) so the short campaigns will likely aid with this without the long grind that The Legend's campaign especially was.
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