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Default Potentially serious FM/DM issue

Hi everyone,

I'm usually a pretty quiet member here but I would like to bring this issue into the spotlight. There a damage model bug that was present in IL-2, and seems to be carried over into CoD. The problem is that all aircraft retain their center of mass, even when missing entire wings. Here are two shots from IL-2 1946 showing the results:

As you can see, in these screenshots (in which the aircraft is at rest) the remaining wing is magically balanced up in the air. In both cases gravity should pull the remaining wing down. Think of what happens on a see-saw, when the weight on one end is removed.

I had hoped that CoD would start treating wings as having mass, but a few days ago this image surfaced:

It's pretty clear that the same issue is occurring here, and the intact wing simply does not have any mass. Other people have commented on the unnatural resting position of the plane, but I think it is necessary to properly diagnose the problem.

Now of course this is not only a damage model issue, but a flight model one as we all know wings are routinely 'sawn off' in flight! It would be interesting to see how the dynamics of a wingless plane would be affected if the offset center of mass were taken into account...

PS - I know that it is surely to late for a change to be implemented by Oleg's team in time for the release (assuming of course my 'diagnosis' is correct), but I would hope that a patch may eventually address the issue.

Please comment, regardless of whether you agree with me or not
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