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Default IL-2 1946 is a multiplatform flightsim... perhaps even modded... if it can work...

I've got ol' IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 patched up to 4.12.2m running wonderfully under Wine on Linux Mint 17 which is an Ubuntu Debian this or that (was only able to make things run, not exactly sure what's under the hood). I've also got head tracking working decently with LinuxTrack. I was also able to get HSFX 7 to install, the online updater to run and all, but when I tried to fly online the sim started crashing and nothing seems to help: safe .dlls, alternate .exe files which allow for more memory etc. Was anyone succesfull in overcoming this problem? It would really be cool to be able to run the old girl with new make- up, looks almost as good as IL-2 BOS and beats it hands down content- wise and, probably, flight- model wise (only saw IL-2 BOS on Youtube).

With Wine 1.7 and everything that's recommended to go with it, I was also able to join servers with CRT check enabled... are there any full real servers still available?
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