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Originally Posted by winny View Post
I'm pretty sure they will be Mk IV incendiaries as they ignited on firing and burned on the way to the target leaving smoke trails. The later Mk VI 'De Wilde' ignited on impact and didn't leave a smoke trail.

The 'De Wilde' bullets were first issued in June 1940 and tested operationally in the air battles over Dunkirk. Their improved effectiveness, and the fact that the flash on impact indicated that the shooting was on target, was much appreciated by the pilots.
There was an initial shortage of these which is why I gave the 2 loadouts for BoB era. (I got my MkIV and VI's mixed up earlier!)
OK, that makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up winny.

I think a lot of us might be confusing the early incendiary with tracer rounds. Now I understand.

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