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Just so you guys know, this is a rare case of a true leak, i.e. not a marketing ploy but a real rogue user doing something really lame for self-promotion.

The stuff you're seeing is obviously from a beta, not indicative of release, and I'm really way too upset to address this in a calm manner at this time.

The person who leaked this is a personal friend of one of our programmers. I anticipated exactly this kind of issue, Oleg warned me about this specifically. The programmer asked us to give his buddy beta access as a personal favor to him, and I in turn took the responsibility on myself. I got chewed up for this big time, and I'm seriously considering letting the programmer go. It goes without saying that the author's beta access is revoked, and I'm cutting all further communication with him.

We caught this a bit too late, by which time it was way too late to try to delete it, so we'll let you guys continue discussing it but probably won't check the thread or respond to anything related to these videos.

We'll release final gameplay videos once we go gold, where you can judge the features that are shipping with release.
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