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Originally Posted by choctaw111 View Post
I figured that people would have better things to do than to make demands on Oleg and team during the final weeks before release.
I do have a strong feeling though that Oleg isn't going to put all of the time and effort into the AI planes and not already be working on pits for them.
Beta testing for another company, it is certain Oleg is deep into planning the update.
Very likely UBI has a gold master, so 1C is no longer under the release gun.
I am pretty sure the push back of release date is UBI takeing more time to get everything togeter in that rather well provided special box.

Originally Posted by Novotny View Post
I have seem Mr Pencil speak in videos, and he came across as a nice chap. I think we should bear in mind that he is American, and thus unaccustomed to using the English language in a polite manner. I think when he says 'insist' he means merely 'to request vigorously'.

I think it is incumbent upon us all to treat the colonials with some care, lest they be misunderstood with their excitable ways.
I say old chap, you got it spot on. Lets go down to the pub for a pint of bitter.

Originally Posted by Oldschool61 View Post
Yeah, we may invade your island and keep it for ourselves!! Oh wait you dont have any oil reserves...never mind.
I beg to differ, swimming around the North Sea, I can rightly say they have a tidy sum of that smelly stuff.

Originally Posted by TheGrunch View Post
I think that if SeƱor Pencil is prepared to do all the research and legwork required to give MG's modellers the ability to make the exhaustively detailed 3D models of the cockpits of these aircraft (probably the most difficult to model accurately and the most difficult to find good information about, particularly non-pilot positions), then he could maybe be in a position to even dare to request such a thing.
All he has to do is ask.

I have over 1000 original period photos of 17's with all manner of appendages and bulges, some of which I have yet to figure out (nor anyone else).

Two show Gen Milch with his private Do-17S, with Adolf Galland.

Personally, would love to have a 215 with the 20mm installed.
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