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Yea and just a loser will let you to flank anything.... This flank thing is a joker but doesn't work. Some times, accidently i can hit the tracks and the tigers are immobile but i am unable to go closer, they kills everything from 1 shot usually. At flat maps its very frustrating, so i try to avoid those when i am playing online. Experienced players won't let the tiger to go alone, won't let it to be in front of the infantry. They will keep the tiger behind their soldiers. I was killed some tigers/kingtigers with scouts and molotov... The AI gets use to throw the bottle to a tree to kill your soldier of course. Ppl says that use IS-3 but i was lost with that too always. Bazooka... yea, lot of times i can't kill much smaller units than a tiger so i use flamethrowers usually. Of course you can kill tigers with any units ACCIDENTLY or vs a newbie gamer.

I forgot the point: i have to be tricky vs germany but germany don't have to do anything as "compensation". If i have to mess around the map and i have not something special unit as the tigers then where is the ballance....

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