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Originally Posted by samedi View Post
Also it seems that the enemy tanks are made of some kind of super armour from the future. they are flipping indestructible. this game annoys me because this is what happens. first you attack the positions. the ai lightly press you back but you push them back more. get to the second line then in come the enemy supersoldiers. but you cant deal with them as you only get one reinforcement point a minute.
if by some miracle you manage to get through and get to the third line in come the machine gun howitzers. blasting your troops and tearing you a new ******* . and if thats not enough cue the supertanks. the ai then spam you with indestructible tanks which dont die even if hit by two 75 mm guns at pointblank range. unlike the old men of war. which was difficult to the point of madness, at least they didnt cheat or bump you like they do in this game. at least they were completable,
Give yourself lots of points so you don't have to wait. You can go into any of your saved game files and give yourself all the points you need, or change the delay time. I play the game on Heroic, yea my game is tweaked but I have a blast. I still lose lots of Units but it doesn't matter.
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