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Second that the information about where to hit is not good. Better to memorize and get and use skills. On the other hand IS 3 should not be in the game. Barely pershing too. Not at least the centurion - blasfemi! Japanese are way off. Im all fan of realism - it gets deeper and more exciting. Therefore correct values are best, and production and manpower advantage to allies ( or whatever to make balance) is much better than now, when tanks that was not playing a part or even was in WW2 is in the game. This also applys to scouts, stormtroopers, smg infantry, heavy mg's with shield manned standing up !, and all unrealistic equipment and trooptypes in the game. Makes the game flatter, and far less exciting.

I actually search forum for scouts, and this thread was one of two results, so for simplicity I add my views on inf. as well. Since it is 2 and a half year since last reply on this post, I might make a new post on trooptypes and equipment though.

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