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As promised, Version 11.5 of my MoTmod Addon has been released.

There aren't much changes, but here's the list:
  • German backpacks have been removed from the equipment loadout for missions which have them on Saboteur difficulty. In addition, you are now forced to carry a Soviet backpack in Polish Surprise on Saboteur difficulty.
  • Winter officer's belt buckle has been changed from an SS to a Heer one.
  • Warden uniforms in Removal have been recolored courtesy of XendroX.
  • The targets in Die Spies! now have their belt buckle changed. Their uniforms have also been recolored courtesy of XendroX.
  • Did some further polishing for Waffen SS, RSHA, SS-TotenkopfverbÀnde and Luftwaffe uniform textures. Also made new NormalMap textures for them.
  • Several characters in Stronghold have been given a different skin.
  • Rerecorded the VCH briefings for DtS missions with a Blue Yeti microphone.
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