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Default Dungeon Cleaners 2 / Planet Alcatraz 2 fan translation

Hello guys!

After some investigations and contacts with russian collegues I found out a way to translate interface and dialogs in Planet Alcatraz 2 / Dungeon Cleaners 2.

Cuting long story short:
Majority of texts are located in .csv files packed in .pak and .bm files.
After unpacking some .pak files using dcxtract utility I opened them with openoffice calc and translated with google translate.

Then you can pack back just those translated csv files in, let's say, file and place it in game root directory ( files are overiding main pak files and are used for paching purposes by developers)

version pre alfa 0.1 below
- first dialog of game (with Leutnant Hook)
- part of interface in-game and character sheet/creation

Installation -
Just place file in your game root directory (where sp2.exe is located).

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