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Originally Posted by fustatax View Post
I accept with information:The only pc exculsive games from 1c are cryostasis and necrovision. It is very bad to read that Captain blood and IL2 will be released to consoles too and not only pc.
You have absolutely nothing to worry about, 2 games being made for consoles does not mean the end of the world.
There are many, many, more PC exclusive titles than just Cryostasis and Necrovision.

Just to list a few (in no particular order):

Death to Spies (and DtS Moments of Truth)
Men of War (and red tide)
Necrovision (expansion)
Theatre of War
Farwell to Dragons
Planet Alcatraz
Rig n Roll
Dawn of Magic
Elven Legacy (and the two extra expansions announced)
Kings Bounty Armored Princess
Real Warfare 1242
Red Orchestra
Star Wolevs
XIII Century

I could go on...But perhaps you should just look at this link:

1C have mentioned time and time again that they will continue to focus on the PC, and release PC exclusive titles, and this is clear from their list of upcoming games being primarily for the PC gamers.

As for Captain Blood and IL - 2. Personally i think they made a great decision by bringing the games to the consoles.
While i will admit that the consolised (yep, it's a word..) version of IL-2 takes away various features that made the original great, it's not a loss to me as i simply ignored the console version and continue to play the PC exclusive title instead.
Keep in mind that this move also attracted an entirely new target audience for 1C, the casual WW2 flight "sim" console gamers. Perhaps after realising what a great game it is they may convert to the PC to get the full experience.
Even if it doesn't, it's still putting more money in the pocket of the devs, which should, in turn, give us an even greater game the next time a PC title is released by them.

Captain blood on the other hand, is a simple hack'n'slash, they play well on the console controllers and are some of the first (decent) games to come be put onto consoles. It's just common sense to make it for consoles as they are probably aware of the extra income it would produce.

EDIT - I just realised, IL - 2 and Captain Blood are actualy the only games 1C are releasing for consoles currently.
The company is clearly not focusing on console gaming. We have nothing to worry about (yet anyway..).

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