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Hard to believe that this game is still going on after a couple of years in circulation. I've worked out the throttle settings for the I-16, but I can say with absolute certainty that there are no definites. They did an excellent job of modeling the Soviet aircraft, while turning the American fighters into garbage. (How's that Cold War working out for you guys?) Anyway, standard cruise setting would be 55%, anything over that for longer than a minute and your engine will start burning out. To get around the inverted flooding problem, cut the throttle anytime you're pulling negative G's. If the engine does flood for whatever reason, you're going to need at least 2,000' to build airspeed and get it restarted. 2,000 is the shortest I have been able to do it in, normally it's closer to 3,000. Having flown an I-16 in Dallas earlier this year, I commend the developers for making the BoP I-16 just as much of a shoddy, difficult to control, unpredictable, hopelessly under-armored piece of absolute sh*t as the actual I-16. If it was a horse, somebody would have taken it behind the barn and shot it a long time ago. There are some people playing online who swear by the I-16, but mostly they just swear, usually as they're entering a hard cross-control spin and burning in on Realistim and Sim. Hope that helps a little. Not a lot. The plane is garbage.
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